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We are delighted to be appointed distributors of Aquapax still mineral water.

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With the ever worsening problem of plastics on our planet and particularly in our oceans, many yachts and companies/institutions are now wanting to implement a “plastic-free/plastic-reduction” policy, but do not want glass for obvious safety, storage and recycling reasons.

We believe that Aquapax is the way forward for any environmentally conscious organization looking to implement a plastic free policy or at least help towards the reduction of single use plastic containers.

Aquapax is an award-wining, still mineral water, so pure it can actually be used for infants without the need to be boiled first.

Aquapax is the European market leader and the first to produce mineral water in a 'majority' paper carton which is sustainable, plant based and fully recyclable.

Aquapax 500ml cartons are lightweight, designed with the consumer and environment in mind. Easily compacted, for practical storage onboard prior to recycling.

Aquapax water stays cooler for longer, with 20-50% superior insulation vs plastic, glass or cans.

Aquapax have financially committed 1% of turnover to environmental restoration. www.onepercentfortheplanet.org

Should an Aquapax carton fall overboard, unlike plastic, the majority will eventually breakdown and no longer be harmful to the environment.

Aquapax still natural mineral water is truly one of the purest waters on earth and is the world’s foremost ‘unbottled’ mineral water brand. Aquapax is sourced from the recognised low mineral spring SANSSOUCI, where the water was deposited within a protected aquifer during the last (Elster) ice age in Northern Europe. Sealed in beautifully distinctive, majority paper cartons, our water has a near perfect neutral pH balance and is suitable for infant consumption classification.

Full Natural Mineral Analysis (mg/l = parts per million)
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 218
Potassium (K) 1,6
Calcium (Ca) 93,4
Nitrate (NO3) < 0,3 (trace)
Sulphate (SO4) 65
Nitrite (NO2) < 0,005 (trace)
Chloride (Cl) 37
Magnesium (Mg) 9
Sodium (Na) 12
pH Balance 6.92
TDS @ 180oC (ppm) 399 (low)

Packaging Detail
Aquapax carton packages are supplied by Tetra Pak & made from:
  • 72% paperboard
  • 22.5% ‘plastic’ polymers, comprising a PET lid/closure and a ‘food grade’ (non-leaching) LLDPE waterproof lining, on both the inside and outside carton surfaces
  • 5.5% (6 microns thin) oxygen impermeable aluminium barrier film
Our cartons are wholly recyclable and the wood used to make the majority paper carton is sourced from ‘FSC’ certified, sustainable forests. Cartons are the lowest carbon footprint package option available. Aquapax 500ml Natural Mineral Water Supplied in (plastic free) outer cases of 12 x 500ml cartons with outer case: 21.4 x 17.2 x 26.2cm